Web Editing Intermediate Level: Quiz


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1. World Wide Web is not synonymous with the Internet. True or false?
2. What does the acronym HTML stand for?
3. What are the applications called that are normally used to access the World Wide Web?
4. Client/server describes the relationship between two computer programmes in which one programme, the client, sends a service request to another programme, the server, which fulfills the request. True or false?
5. Each website must have a unique name or address under which it can be stored on a hosting server in order for people to access it via their computer browser. What is this unique name or address called?
6. What does the suffix .co.za at the end of a web address stand for?

What does the acronym URL stand for?

8. A hyperlink can either be a word, a sentence, a whole section of text or a graphic (picture). True or false?
9. HREF is an abbreviation for?
10. Write down the anchor elements used in HTML to specify a link of hyperlink. Click on the Hint link below before answering.
11. What is the "target" attribute to specify that the hyperlink should open in a new window?
12. Which of the following is an acronym  for a company that offers their customers access to the Internet?
13. What does the acronym SEO stand for?
14. Which of the following does NOT impact on the download speed of a web page?
15. In terms of normal copyright, you may copy and paste logos, icons, and other graphics from other websites to your own web page when it is (select)...
16. HTML uses two tag types, formatting tags and insertion tags. What formatting tags (markup) are used to indicate bold text on a web page? Click on the Hint link below before answering.
17. What does the acronym W3C stand for?
18. What would you do to view the source code of an open web page on your browser?
19. All web pages must conform to the base structure of a hypertext document. Write down the base structure of a simple web page. Click on the "hint" link below before inserting your answer.
20. Notepad, which forms part of the Windows Operating System, can be used to hand-code a web page. True or False?
21. One of the most important elements within the head section of a web page is the title element. Write the tags (html code) for the title element. Click on the Hint link below before writing your answer.

The body tag identifies the start and finish of the page content. This is the part of the web page that will be displayed when the page is viewed in a browser. True or False?

23. Which of the following mark-up tags can be used within the body section of a web page?
24. Headings are html tags that are used to create headings and sub-headings on a web page. Write the tags for a size 2 heading on a web page. Click on the Hint link below before answering.
25. Write the tags to create a numbered list in a web page. Click on the Hint link below before answering.
26. To incorporate an image in a web page the browser must be told where to find the image and place it in the web page when the page is opened.
27. When planning a new website, what is a storyboard?

Having a logical website structure serves two purposes. Choose the two purposes from the list below:

29. Define briefly what a web page template or HTML template is.
30. Fonts typefaces can be displayed only if they are available on users' computers. True or false?
31. You can safely use any font on a website provided that it is part of an image. True or False?
32. What does CSS in web design stand for?
33. Once you have created a site on your hard drive you need to get it up on to the Web. This is called...
34. Mark the three things that you need to find out from your hosting company to enable you to set the upload information for your website.
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