Welcome to our publish-self department/Welkom by ons selfpublikasie afdeling

You have just written a book and are now searching for a publisher for your book. You are probably dreaming of having your manuscript accepted by one of the Big 5 publishers in South Africa. Creating a book is an extensive process and you don’t want to put years or months into a book only to find that non of the established publishing houses is willing to publish your book. What a disappointment! This is when you should seriously consider going the self-publish route. De Novo Publishers can help you achieve your dream.

Access to books is a basic human right

Self publication is becoming more and more popular because it gives the author complete control of the project from start to finish. De Novo Publishers with its team of experts will guide you through this process and help you to achieve your life long dream.

We mainly concentrate on non-fiction and training manuals but if we receive a good fiction story, we are willing to consider it and will help you self-publish your book.

Continue reading and find out what you have to do to publish your book yourself and how De Novo Publishers  will assist you all the way from start to finish to realise your dream.

Our Services/

De Novo Publishing provides the following affordable publishing services to new (and established) authors:

  • Free evaluation of manuscripts
  • Text editing and page layout
  • Proofreading and editing
  • A strong design element for both the cover and inside pages
  • Create print-ready pdf
  • POD (“Print-on-Demand”) printing of book

  • Apply for ISBN nomber and bar code if required
  • Assist with marketing and selling of books through
    • De Novo Publishing web page/Ons webblad
    •  Email marketing/E-pos bemarking
    • Social media/Sosiale media

We can even design your own website where you can advertise and sell your book!

If required we can also publish your book as an Ebook. Ebooks production costs are much lower then printed books. If you are interstested in publishing your book in e-format, get more information here.

How does self-publication with the help of De Novo Publishers work

To publish your book with the help of De Novo Publishers is very easy. Email us your manuscript in MS Word format, we’ll evaluate the manuscript and provide you with a quote. If you accept the quote, we’ll put the wheels in motion and you will have your printed book in no time (as compared to 5 months to a year or more with big publishing houses.) This is not where the process ends. The next important step is the marketing, distribution and selling of your book.


The responsibility to market your book will rest with you.Yuo will need to invest some time building a mailing list, using social media and getting your own website or blog in order to achieve the widest reach for your book.

In terms of traditional marketing and publicity, De Novo Publishers will act as your marketing consultant. Here are some pointers to consider. :

  • Arrange with the owner of your favourite coffee shop and arrange a book launch to which you invite all your family, friends and colleague from work, your book club or whatever. If possible get someone to speak about your book and have enough copies at hand to sell at the launch.
  • Use you Face Book page and Twitter account to advertise your book. Ask your friends to like your page and to share it on their pages.
  • Start your own blog where you can write articles about your book.
  • Book a stall at a art market/festival where you can display and sell your book.
  • If you are comfortable speaking at meetings, try to arrange to be a speaker at a club or organisation that meet regularly like Rotary or the WAU branch. Take enough copies along to sell af ter the meeting.

This may seem like hard work which in fact it is but if you believe your book is good enough then no trouble putting it in the hands of readers will be too much.

How much does it cost?

Here is an example: To print 100 copies of an A5 sized book with 100 pages, full colour cover and machine binding , will cost –

  • Printing ± R3500 (depends on the number of pages)
  • Cover design R500
  • Proof reading and editing R600
  • Page design and lay-out R800
  • ISBN application and bar code(if required) R400

Without the ISBN number the total cost  will be roughly R54.00 per book. If you sell your book at R120 per copy your income will be R12000.00 minus production costs of R5400.00 = R6 600. Important! This is just aan example and depending on a number of other factors, the final cost may be more. Terms and conditions apply.


More and more self publish authors are switching to e-books. If you want to publish your book as an e-book, De Novo Publishers can do that for you in two ticks. We transform your manuscript to an e-book at minimal costs. Our e-books are in e-pdf format (“clickable pdf”) which can be read on any computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone with Acrobat Reader. We protect the e-book with a password preventing the production or printing of private copies.

As has been mentioned the cost to produce a e-book is considerably less than a hard copy book.

  • Cover page design R300
  • proof reading and editing R600
  • Page design and lay-out R800
  • Upload to De Novo Publishers web page and electronic order form R150

Example: The total production cost of an e-book amounts to R1850. If you sell your book at R50 per copy, you can cover all the production costs by selling only 37 books.

Some examples of our work

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