Web Editing Intermediate

R 300.00 R 60.00

This is a practical guide for anyone using Microsoft® Office 2010 and Expression Web 4 software.

This manual was written using Windows® 7. If a different operating system is used, some dialog boxes may look different, but the content is the same.


Once you have worked through this manual  you should be able to:

  1. Understand key web concepts and terms.
  2. Know about the basic principles of HTML; use common HTML mark-up tags to modify the layout of a web page.
  3. Use a web authoring application to design and format web pages; format text; work with hyperlinks and tables.
  4. Recognise and use common web image formats; create forms in a web page.
  5. Understand and use cascading style sheets.
  6. Prepare web pages for publishing to a web server.

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