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We Are Passionate. We Are Committed. We Are Creative.

CoenieHi, my name is Coenie
I’m the sole proprietor of Courseware4U. The photo was taken a few years ago when I was still relatively young and handsome :-). I started my career as a teacher and then through the years worked my way through Cultural Development Officer, Public Relations Officer, Director of Administration, Town Clerk, Executive Director of Bloemfontein Chamber of Commerce ending up as owner of my own business. I am responsible for our admin, web page and for making coffee.

Marianne LubbeThis is Marianne
She is our chief courseware compiler. She has extensive experience in writing and compiling computer skills manuals. Marianne started her own business, Let’s Do It! with her partner in Kimberley 16 years ago. End of 2018 she left LDI and started a new business, Wise Owl Solutions. I contracted her, through Wise Owl Solutions, as chief courseware compiler for Courseware4U. She brings with her vast experience in writing and compiling courseware for trainers and training centres that are preparing students who wish to sit for the ECDL/ICDL and similar tests.

RenéSay Hi to René
René is our graphic designer. By the way, isn’t she just the sweetest young lady! Anyways, she works for us on a contract bases. She lives in Bloemfontein where she is the head of the graphic design section of Divine Studio, a Bloemfontein based business that offers laser cutting and large format printing facilities to whoever may need such services. René has designed beautiful covers for my publish self business, De Novo Boeke.

RiaThis is Ria 
Wow! I’m surrounded by the most beautiful ladies imaginable! Ria is our proof reader and checks all our books for spelling or language errors. She is adamant that she does not accept responsibility for any mistakes that may have crept in if we make changes to our copy after she has proof read it. We have the best spell checkers on our machines but none of them is as good as Ria. Oh yes, she also sometimes serves us scones or cup cakes when we need a break.

LanéHello Lané
Lané is our marketing adviser. She is presently studying Tourism at Pearson Institute of Higher Learning. One of her main subjects is marketing and she is specifically interested in marketing via social media like Face Book and LinkedIn. Although she is still a student her advice and input is very valuable to us because she is up to date with the modern trends in especially digital marketing.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to offer you the best service with support and updates you can rely on. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or require assistance.

Deliver real, measurable results, that’s what we do best.

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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”
— Albert Einstein