Introduction to MS Word: Quiz


Courseware4U is not a registered examination authority. By completing this quiz you will in fact be testing yourself to find out whether or not you have mastered the theory of the Courseware4U Introduction to MS Word tutorial.

Welcome to your Introduction to MS Word Quiz

A few simple rules:

  1. Make sure that the manual is closed before you start doing the test. (You can of course cheat and keep it open to look up the answers but that would only be cheating yourself)
  2. There is no time limit for completing the test but if you understand the ins and outs of operating systems, you should be able to complete the test in less than 15 minutes
  3. Once you have finished the test , click the submit button. The page will then change to show your answers as well as the correct answers.
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1. In Windows 2016, one way of opening a new Word document is to click the Start button and start typing word. Select Word from the search results. True or false?
2. In MS Word, what is a file?
3. What is the set of toolbars at the top of the Word window, below the Title bar called?
4. Where is the the Quick Access Toolbar located on the Word window?
5. A Word document can be displayed using different views. Name the four different display views.
6. Which key on the keyboard must be used to type the top character on a keyboard key where two characters appear on a key?
7. One way to select a word in a Word ducument is by double clicking on the word. Tue or false?
8. Which of the following keys on the keyboard can be used to copy text that has been selected in a word document?
9. What will happen when you press TAB in the last cell of the last row of a table in a Word document?
10. Multiple columns and rows of a table in a Word document can be deleted at the same time by selecting all the columns or rows before deletion. True or False?
11. Which of the following formatting options are available in the Font dialog box of a Word document?
12. When text is selected or the right mouse button is pressed in an open Word document, the Mini Toolbar appears. True or False
13. Which of the following is NOT one of the more important font families?
14. Which of the following options is NOT available in the Word Change Case feature?
15. There are four alignment options to change the text alignment of a block of text in a word document. From the list below, select the one that is NOT an alignment option.
16. To remove formatting applied to text, select the text and then click the Clear All Formatting button on the Home tab in the Font group. True or False?
17. In which of the following groups can the shapes button be found:
18. In a Word document the default wrapping style for objects is "In Line with Text". Select all the wrapping styles in the list below which can also be applied to an object?
19. To copy a picture/object in a Word document, select the relevant picture and then select Copy from the Home tab in the Clipboard group. True or False?
20. Which Tab must be clicked to find the Size button in the Page Setup group where the paper size of a Word document can be changed?
21. How will you print a Word document in "Microsoft Print to PDF"?
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