What is meant by customizable course material?

The Courseware4U training manuals are in Microsoft Word format, and are therefore extremely easy to edit and add content. We recommend simply cutting and pasting when customizing your courseware. If you need help with this, use our contact page to get in touch with us and we’ll assist you to customize and re-brand the material as your own.

May I add my own content to Courseware4U training material?

You may add whatever content you like to our training material. Our manuals are provided to you in an editable format making it easy for you to add your own content or combine content from our selection of manuals or other sources.

May I copy Courseware4U training material?

Yes you may provide copies of the training material to students you train. You may  however not copy our manuals for resale to other third parties.

Do I have to pay a per user fee and how many people may I train?

There is no per user fee payable. You may use our training material to train as many students as you want. You may print as many copies as you require for your students.

The Courseware4U manuals are written for Office 2016 using Office 365. Why?

Although our material is written for Office 2016 and Office 365 users, it is written in such a way that it is easily adaptable for other versions of Microsoft Office™. Office 365 subscriptions can be used on up to five computers across Mac and PC, and it includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. Subscribers also receive additional OneDrive storage (1 TB). Microsoft introduced 365 with the goal of phasing out one-time purchases in the not-so-distant future.

Why did Courseware4U decide to provide training material in digital and editable format?

Affordability, convenience, choice, value and learning outcomes are the things that we focused on in setting our objectives for our training material. Providing our courseware in this format makes us part of the worldwide trend towards a paperless environment.

What about printed manuals and E-books?

Courseware4U material is available in four formats namely cutomizable MS Word, print with full colour covers, self study which includes online tests and e-books (clickable e-pdf). We also have a price watch guarantee in place which should make us the supplier of choice for centres and self study students who want to have the best at the lowest prices.

What or who is ECDL?

ECDL™ stands for European Computer Driving Licence. The ECDL™ is a European further education initiative to train and certify computer skills. Uniform syllabi, test systems and certificates make them internationally comparable. European Computer Driving Licence, ECDL™, International Computer Driving Licence, ICDL™, and related logos are all registered Trademarks of ECDL™ Foundation. ICDL™ Foundation is a registered business name of ECDL™ Foundation. Courseware4U is not accredited by ECDL/ICDL because we do not provide training or do testing of students. We only produce courseware that can by used by accredited ECDL/ICDL centers or ECDL/ICDL accredited test centers and self-study students.

Do I have to attend a training course to sit for tests of accredited training institutions?

No, although it is preferable to attend a training course, (in fact, we strongly recommend that students should attend a training course) you do not have to attend a course. You can learn everything through self-study. In today’s world nobody can get by without digital skills. But, just as nobody can get by without digital skills, it is also the case that nobody is born with the ability to use a computer. Digital competences have to be learnt. ‘Digital natives’, born with the ability to do anything with a computer, don’t exist, they are created through learning.

How do I go about registering for and ICDL/ECDL Test or Examination?

All candidates who follow an ICDL/ECDL course must have an official ICDL/ECDL CRN (Candidate Registration Number). Without such a CRN (Candidate Registration Number), no tests can be taken and the candidate will not be able to obtain an International Computer Driving Licence, nor any other form of certificate or recognition for the course.

CRNs (Candidate Registration Numbers) are obtainable from ICDL/ECDL Training and Testing Centres (see www.icdl.org.za) or directly from ICDL South Africa (info@icdl.org.za, phone +27 21 671-1070/1/4).

Does Courseware4U provide training?

No, Courseware4U do not provide training, but we are the producers of arguably the best customizable courseware available on the market today. Many self study students use our material to prepare for their tests.

What is the online test included in the self study package?

The online test is included in order for students to determine their proficiency in the specific Office application. It is not an accreditation, but Courseware4U will issue you with a letter to confirm that you have worked through our course material and have completed an online test.